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Transform Your Table Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching Program | Transform Your Table I The Table Transformation Method
Hi, I'm Allison Mader!

I'm a Nutrition Education Specialist and health behavior expert with ample experience teaching culinary arts. I can provide you with the tools to get you cooking foods that make you and your family feel great - without sweating in the kitchen! I am here to support you in meeting your nutrition, health, and wellness goals.

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The Table Transformation Method course, Nutrition for Optimal Immunity, provides you with a proven system that gets nourishing, immune-supportive meals to the table quickly - all without feeling overwhelmed or breaking a sweat in the kitchen. In just four weeks, you will have a repertoire of meals and snacks (and evidence-based education) you can count on to deliver big nutrition without the hassle. 

STOP wasting time and money on "diets", the next big fad that doesn't work, and take-out food that sabotage your progress toward nourishing meals and joyful eating.

Does this sound familiar....
  • I don't have time to cook

  • I don't know what to make to meet my health transformation goals

  • I don't feel confident in my kitchen

  • I feel like a short-order cook for my family, making a variety of meals every night to make everyone happy

  • I feel frustrated with not having a plan

  • I feel guilty feeding my family lousy food


It doesn't have to be this way     ....there's a solution that won't cost a ton of dough!

Welcome to The Table Transformation Method!
Here's what you can expect from this $49 course, Nutrition for Optimal Immunity...
  • Nutrition lessons to learn about immune supportive foods. 

  • Cooking demonstrations that illustrate specifically how to make immune-supportive meals and snacks using kitchen and pantry cooking skills required - just the basics here!

  • Weekly food lists with corresponding meal plans that are 100% customizable to meet personal and family preferences. 

  • Access to meal planning software, nutrition facts, and smart grocery lists. 

  • Resources to support you in building an immune-supportive kitchen and lifestyle. 

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This course is for you if...
  • You want peace of mind that the foods you eat are supporting your health and building your immunity

  • It's 5pm and you're asking yourself, "What's for dinner?"

  • You're doing take-out more than 3x per week

  • You often make several meals to accommodate picky eaters

  • You've tried unsustainable and restrictive diets, only to end up feeling like you have failed (btw, you have NOT and it's not your fault!)

  • You're not totally comfortable in the kitchen or have not learned how to cook

  • You are concerned about your family's nutrition and wellbeing

  • You're ready to feel ease and freedom in meeting your health transformation goals

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Why should you invite me into you kitchen?

I am a Nutrition Education Specialist with a Master's Degree in Nutrition

I've conducted research, developed, and implemented evidenced-based nutrition education and culinary programs 

I too, have had to figure out how to prepare nourishing meals without feeling stressed and overwhelmed in the kitchen....while creating the least amount of dishes to do as possible

I have been teaching Culinary Arts for many years and feel delighted when I get to see  firsthand the impact kitchen confidence has on health transformation. 

Transform Your Table Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching Program | Transform Your Table I The Table Transformation Method
Are you ready to get simple and delicious meals on the table for you and your family without feeling stressed? 
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  • What to expect?
    Through our work together, you can look forward to finally feeling at ease in your kitchen, enjoy cooking, and nourishing you and your family with meals that taste fantastic and leave you feeling great. I am able to translate evidence-based nutrition and health-promoting skills into doable tasks. These days, a lot of people may not have basic kitchen skills. And with overwhelming schedules, it’s easy to find people struggling with cooking, shopping, how to plan simple menus, and how to fit healthy eating into their lives in a way that feels fun and doable. We can change that, together. You can expect to feel: Proud of what your family is eating Revitalized energy levels Confident as you cook at home, dine out, and grocery shop Still have a few questions and want to learn more with no commitment? Let's chat! Set up a Free Consultation where we can connect and I will be happy to answer your questions. >> Book My Free Consultation <<
  • Where is your office located?
    In the cloud! I meet with most of my clients virtually and have clients all across the country!! If you’re near me – Andover, Massachusetts – then we have the opportunity to meet in a local grocery store, coffee shop or restaurant to learn how to eat well, all while having fun achieving your health goals. Check out my services for more information. >> Let’s chat! <<
  • Can you make me a meal plan?
    Yes! A meal plan can make your life so much simpler – just tell me what to eat, right? But without foundational cooking skills, even simple menu plans can feel overwhelming. Through our work together, you’ll be able to conquer even complicated recipes when you wish - but you can be assured that my meal plans feature easy-to-accomplish recipes that fit into your daily routine and honor your food preferences. Not only do my meal plans provide you with recipes you will feel confident cooking, but you’ll also know that you can trust that they’re nourishing...and delicious! Each meal plan comes with weekly shopping lists, are customizable, and are based on whole, fresh foods and ingredients (you know the kinds of ingredients you keep meaning to eat but just haven’t been sure how to make it work!) With fewer decisions to make, dinner time will no longer feel overwhelming, or like you’re a short-order cook to your family and your own diet. Let’s all sit down to one enjoyable meal, together! Say Yes to Joyful Eating! Sign up for access to healthy recipes with your 14-day Meal Plan Free Trial! >> I want in! Sign me up for my FREE Meal Plan <<
  • Help! I don’t know how to cook.
    I can help! All of the programs and services provide culinary support and education - for someone stepping into the kitchen for the first time to the master THE Signature Program inlcudes private cooking classes to learn new skills and techniques and to gain kitchen confidence with an interactive, hands-on experience. Cooking is foundational to health...but many of us just don’t feel equipped with even the basics. Through our work together, you will learn the language of cooking and foundational skills so that you can navigate recipes with confidence. No more feeling bewildered with instructions to “fold in the cheese” or “julienne the carrots.”
  • The Signature Program feels like too big of a commitment, but I am looking for some support and help with meal planning. Can we still work together?
    Sure! Let’s chat to see if the 1:1 WELLNESS Coaching may be the right fit, level of support, and what you are looking for! This program is available for clients looking for a smaller commitment than the Signature Program. Learn more! Set up your Free Discovery Call!
  • Do you take insurance?
    My services are not covered by insurance; however, using FSA/HSA funds can be an option. Because the programs and services I offer have a wide breadth of support, they don’t meet the strict clinical guidelines that insurance providers require. It feels expensive, I don't think I can afford it.... Making a financial investment in yourself increases the determination and commitment to oneself that leads to lasting lifestyle change and success. It’s a promise to yourself that empowers you to “show up” - for you - and do the transformational work needed to reach your goals. The benefits you will receive physically, mentally and emotionally, and in your relationships far outweigh the cost of the program.
  • What makes you a nutrition expert?
    Glad you asked! With many people self-promoting themselves as experts, it is important to know who is really telling the truth. Someone who has completed a six-week online course is not equipped to help clients make safe, evidence-based changes that stick. I have completed my Master's degree in Nutrition (M.Ed.) as a Nutrition Education Specialist. This degree is designed for professionals who will be educating their clients in a healthcare setting, school, or community programs. I am trained to understand the latest research and integrate it into the curriculum I provide to my clients in a way that is understandable. In addition to being a Nutrition Education Specialist, I have extensive educational training and experience in health behavior change and behavior modification. This combination of skills equips me to guide and cultivate the lasting changes my clients are seeking.
  • Do I have to buy shakes, supplements, or other stuff?
    Nope! We have been fooled into thinking that health needs to be complicated and that monthly subscriptions to magic potions and tonics are the only path to get there. My work focuses on empowering my clients to feel inspired reigniting their health from the inside out; rebuilding one step at a time. Transform Your Table Nutrition and Wellness has partnered with Fullscript to give our clients access to healthcare's best quality supplements. Supplement recommendations are made to complement the rainbow of fresh, whole foods you will be devouring!
  • Can you help manage my chronic condition?
    My work focuses on empowering my clients to feel inspired, healthy, and empowered in their body to reignite their health from the inside out. If you’re looking for help to manage a chronic condition, such as cancer or kidney disease, I’d be happy to help with a referral to a different practitioner.
You've scrolled down this far so I know you're serious about improving your immunity and building an immune-supportive kitchen to help meet you health transformation goals. 
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