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so nice to meet you!


I feel passionate about finding joy in food and eating without all of the hype, fad, and confusion that is out there.

Together, we’ll change how you think and feel about food, eating, and cooking - empowering you with the  changes needed to achieve your goals. Get ready to feel excited and rewarded!


You deserve a nutrition and behavior expert to compassionately guide you through the lifestyle and mindset changes that liberate you from another fad diet. You deserve ease.

Hi, I'm Ali Mader

Nutrition Specialist and Culinary Coach

With my experience in  meeting wellness goals, I understand that our mental roadblocks can be tricky to navigate and overcome during personal transformation. I know full well that you want to make the right decisions for yourself; I am here to help you untangle the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.


My past clients tell me that I have the ability to make previously hard things feel, “easy-fun.” You deserve to have an attentive and kind guide who empowers you around your food and eating. It's time to feel at peace from self-sabotaging patterns around food, feel better in your body, and calm in your mind; you deserve to feel free. 

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We are your partner in embracing a healthier lifestyle, nurturing both body and mind through food. Our focus is  on building kitchen confidence and holistic well-being to empower you to make nourishing choices that support overall wellness. It's not just about food - it's about how the integration of nutrition and wellness intertwine to support your well-being.


When working together, our coaching programs nurture mind, body, spirit…and palate, and have been crafted with your unique journey in mind...and  nothing would make me happier to be part of your's!



Allison Mader, NES, M.Ed. Nutrition

I’m here for you. Together, we’ll get you back to feeling your best.

What do I think about food and eating??

I eat food - all food, real food (except for milk and yogurt - these are a hard pass for me because I just don’t like them!) and it’s as simple as that sounds! I try to eat as much nutrient dense, whole foods from local sources as possible - I believe in the power ‘real’ food has to optimize our health. 


BUT, flexibility is key for me! 


When I eat, and fully ENJOY, something that doesn’t ‘fit’ into that perfect box, nothing makes me feel happier because I am not worried about counting calories, what the number on the scale may say, or any rigid diet rules and deprivation, because JOYFUL eating is my priority. Feeling worry and overwhelm about food, the perfect workout regimen, and other life stressors wreak havoc …and ultimately feeling my best is a way of thinking and my lifestyle - showing up for myself in my body and my mind, and intentionally choosing how to live everyday.

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Professional Bio

  • Master in Nutrition Education (M.Ed.); NES (Nutrition Education Specialist)

  • Bachelor of Science in Youth, Adult, and Family Services with a Specialization in Individuals and Families at Risk

  • Licensed State Educator in Health and Family and Consumer Sciences/Physical Education

  • ServSafe Certified

  • Massachusetts Approach to Partnership Parenting (MAPP) Certified Instructor

  • Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA) Trained Instructor

Just for fun

Healthy eating I Transform Your Table | Nutrition Education for women and their families

Outside of work? I love nothing more than taking a fun trip and enjoying new foods. You never know what new recipe will pop onto one of your menus that was inspired by adventure. 


Recently I traveled to Italy for a yoga trip and stayed on a (heavenly!) organic farm. I was so inspired and revitalized to be surrounded by people who also believe that food is the ultimate source of health and happiness! My experience there goes hand in hand with my feelings of being passionate about finding joy in food and eating with simplicity without the hype. More ease, please!


And if you’re like me, you hate washing dishes! This is why I always work to minimize the amount of dishes used with my clients, too!

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