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Lunch 'n Learn

How often do you feel overwhelmed and tempted by the myriad of choices on the pages of the restaurant menu...then the steaming hot bread basket arrives??


When eating out, it feels so easy to be influenced by everyone else, derailing your progress, consistency, and hard work. Feeling prepared with some restaurant dining tips and tools in your back pocket will ensure an enjoyable and guilt-free dining experience.

What to Expect:

  • A 90-minute lunch or dinner “date” where we will navigate through the menu at your favorite restaurant to determine your best meal options for a tasty, yet healthy dining experience.

  • Lunch ‘n Learns can take place in person or virtually - you pick!

After our time together you will know:

  • How to navigate through the menu and choose the healthiest, yet tastiest options

  • How to manage restaurant portions and gain a solid understanding of the importance that serving and portion size play in optimal health and nutrition (without feeling like you have to measure and portion everything out while you are will already have a plan going in and it won't feel like you are on a 'diet' or you are missing out!)

  • Practical tips on how you can stay on track and consistent with your goals with a group of friends or a romantic evening out.

Note: This service is included in the Signature Program
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