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Grocery Store Tour

Has your food bill exploded since you began purchasing all of the essential ‘health’ foods at the grocery store? 
Does food shopping feel like a never-ending maze of products all claiming to make you feel better, healthier, skinnier, stronger, or younger? What do all of these labels really mean? 


When you join me at the grocery store for 90 minutes of food shopping, you will have the opportunity to learn how to navigate the grocery store like a health ninja and not be fooled by the strategies stores use to sell products.
Woman Shopping for Groceries

You can expect to leave the store:

  • Knowing where the healthier food choices are located - and a carriage filled with great choices to boot!

  • Effectively navigating through the jargon and claims on all of the boxes

  • Learning how to interpret and understand food labels 

  • Making healthy snack and meal choices that don’t bust your budget

  • Being able to modify some family favorite meals with satisfying substitutes without failing on flavor

Note: This service is included in the Signature Program

Start Shopping For Success!

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