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Cooking Classes

Learn new skills and techniques, gain kitchen confidence, and prepare delicious dishes made from fresh, whole foods from the comfort of your own kitchen! This hands-on, educational, and interactive experience ends with lots of smiles and a nourishing meal.  

Treat yourself to private lessons, have a fun date night, get your family and kids in the mix, or invite a group of friends over  for a fun-filled event!
 Transform your table with nutrition coaching and cooking classes to help you feel confident in the kitchen while having fun meeting your health goals.

Cooking class options: 

  • Feeding Frenzy - In this class with Family-Friendly Recipes and The Dinner Bar, we will be cooking a "family-style" or "deconstructed" meal everyone is sure to love and have fun in the process of preparing!

  • Whisked Away - This Building a Healthy Kitchen class is designed to set you up for kitchen success. The number one strategy to ensure confidence in the kitchen is to have an environment that supports healthy habits. You will learn about a variety of essential kitchen tools, their uses, and how to make meal preparation more efficient and enjoyable all while creating your own unique meal! 

  • Blissful Brunch - Start you day off on the right foot with awareness of the nourishing properties of food by preparing a power-packed brunch to kickstart your day!  

  • Happy Tummy -  We will learn about food sources that soothe our stomachs and gain confidence preparing a delicious meal that promotes gut health.  

  • The Power of Your Plate -  Pack your plate with fresh, whole foods filled with nutrients that support your immunity and prepare a scrumptious meal that will encourage optimal health. 

When you invite Transform Your Table into your kitchen,

not only will you will have a fun interactive experience learning more about preparing delicious, nutritious, and unique meals, you feel will a transformation take place with the confidence you’ll gain preparing meals made from fresh, whole foods for yourself and for your family.


Each class:

  • 2 1/2-3 hours duration - If you are hosting a group event, I will arrive 1/2 hour prior to the start for set-up.

  • Menus and recipes are provided before class. Food preferences and allergies are discussed prior to the finalization of the menu.

  • Made from scratch recipes with fresh, whole-food ingredients

  • Taste and learn new things!

  • All cooking levels! Easy and relaxed for an enjoyable experience!

  • Private and semi-private (up to 4 people) and groups (minimum 6 - maximum 12)

  • Host will receive FREE  bonus access  to Transform Your Table's meal planning software with 1000s of recipes to practice new skills and techniques and boost kitchen confidence!


Let's  bring nutrition home and Get Basted Together!

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