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Signature Program

Are you ready for your transformation?

THE Signature Program focuses exclusively on helping people in their prime feel inspired, healthy, and empowered to reignite their health from the inside out. 

Where the focus is on YOU - as the expert in your own life - collaborating on a lifestyle plan which will help you make practical and simple changes that will last… without a restrictive diet and strict rules that leave you feeling like you’re giving up your favorite foods, spending endless hours on a treadmill, or resenting your time in the kitchen.

With personalized nutrition and wellness plans, including culinary and nutrition education, creative stress management, and incorporating joyful movement, you will be able to fully say ‘YES’ to life …and feel good doing it, fully confident with the knowledge and skills to make changes that will last.

You will feel your soul glow and enjoy an overall sense of ease every day. By restoring your relationship with food to find joy in eating, food, and cooking without all of the hype, fad, and confusion that is out there, you’ll feel in sync with your body and mind - waking up energized and excited; with a feeling of empowerment to give yourself the nourishment you deserve.

Is This for Me?

Why so many people struggle with weight and a cycle of dieting, body image, and appreciating the balance between the many roles food plays in their life...

Mindset: Self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs make it challenging to step away from fear until restoring your relationship with food and fully nourishing yourself with confidence and joy

Intentional action: When lacking kitchen confidence (and not being entirely sure what a healthy meal looks like), making the long-term changes feels overwhelming and time-consuming - which can be paralyzing

Information overload: Creating sustainable changes that will fit into your life (and last long-term) is challenging when there is so much nutrition and health information to weed through like fads, quick fixes, and trendy diet protocols with big promises

If this resonates with you, then THE Signature Program

 is for you!

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THE Signature Program 

A 12-week holistic nutrition, wellness, and culinary coaching program designed exclusively to help you feel inspired, healthy, and empowered as you step into your full potential and re-energize your life; encompassing body, mind, and spirit.


  • 1:1 coaching

  • Two-hour kick start meeting where we will examine your baseline nutrition habits, health, intentions, and goals 

  • Weekly Meal Plans, delivered to your inbox with custom recipes, grocery lists, and nutrient data

  • Recommended supplement and wellness plan to complement your meal plan

  • Twelve 60-minute private coaching sessions, virtual or in-person to support your growth mindset and to stay on track

  • Private cooking instruction to learn new skills and techniques and gain kitchen confidence

  • Weekly goal-setting, self-assessment, and accountability 

  • Nutrition education and culinary support tailored to your goals with a Nutrition Specialist

  • Journal prompts for weekly reflection, connection, and mindfulness

  • Fitness and movement support, planning, and recommendations 

  • Personalized support, guidance, and partnership


Bonus Ad-Ins

  • Lunch ‘n Learn 

  • Grocery Store Tour 

  • Member's access to the C.H.E.F.S. Culinary Nutrition Program and exclusive Culinary Library 

  • Transform Your Table Mastermind Monthly Membership at a discounted rate for continued support, partnership, and meal planning maintenance upon completion of the program 


When you choose THE Signature Program at Transform Your Table Nutrition and Wellness, 

not only will the transformation take place from overwhelm to confidence in nourishing your body, mind, and spirit, you will be inpsired to rebuild your health one step at a time. 

You will be free from sabotaging patterns by discovering self-compassion and giving grace to feel peace with food and your body; regaining your confidence and lost energy. 

You will create new habits and an environment set for success, with a supportive and accountable framework aligned to your intentions and goals as you step into a life without limits.

You’ll be feeling good, waking up energized and excited, and empowered that you have the knowledge and skills to feel prepared and provide the healthy and delicious nourishment you deserve.  

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